Magic spells are still very much a part of our world. Most spells are passed down through generations and in the process, many of them have been lost to modernization. However, there are still a few people who are still in touch with their mystic nature enough to make magical things happen. If you are one of these people, you can make money off it. In this guide, you can learn how to make money by casting magical spells or doing any other thing related to magic. A few things that will also be discussed are the meaning of magic, types of magical spells, and their sources.

First, Magical Spells

What is a magic spell? According to Britannica, a spell is a set of words uttered in an ordered manner with magical intent. When recited with the right features and formula, it is expected to unleash supernatural happenings. Magical spells are believed to be so powerful that if it is tampered with, either with incorrect recitation, disrespect, or violation of rules, they could nullify the magic or cause the death of the one who cast the spell.

Magic can either be generated from natural energy (white magic) or dark energy (black magic). You may wonder what is the real difference between the two? Read on below to find out.

White Magic vs. Black Magic

Most people believe that the main difference between white and black magic is the purpose for which it is being used. Where white magic is used for selfless purposes and is regarded as healers or blessed ones, black magic is the opposite.  It is considered the kind of magic used for evil and selfish reasons.

Black magic is regarded as magic that originated from the personality of the ‘devil’ or ‘evil spirits’. In most black magic spells and practices, there is usually the need for blood sacrifice and rituals. Spirit possession and colonization are also common. It is also called ritual magic, low magic, or folk magic spells.

White magicians get their powers from knowledge passed on to them and it is practiced through songs, prayers, incantations, charms, blessings, and healings. The five elements used for the practice of white magic are air, water, earth, fire, and the ever-powerful but invisible spirit realm. White magic is also called good magic or natural magic.

Types of Magic Spells

Whether you practice white or black magic, you will most definitely see supernatural results if you follow the rules of the book and the order of utterance. However, the aspect of life where you can use magic spells is classified into six (6). They are;

  • Love Spells: These are spells you use when you need help with your love life. The things that a love magic spell can do is help you get your ex back, attract a love interest, make a guy fall deeply in love with you, bring back lost love, make a lady find you irresistible, build an unbreakable love, get a marriage proposal, get more sex, make a break up happen, or get better sex.

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  • Money Spells: If you need help in your finances, money magic spells can really come in handy. The following are the aspects that a money spell can help with; win a lottery, attract more money, get out of debt, get a job promotion, increase your savings, or get a rise in pay.

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  • Power Spells: The world is surrounded by different energy including power. You can increase your power and energy by using any power-magic spell. Other things a power spell can do is boost your good luck charm, energy, enchantment blessing, and get a wish granted.

  • Protection Spells: These spells help protect you against negative and bad energies and happenings. You can get an anti-reversal spell, a cursed shield, guardian angel, ward-off evil spell, negative energy shield, house protection, and nightmare shield from this package.

  • Healing Spell: Healers commonly use these spells to get rid of body ailments, and energies that weaken and attack a person’s health. The spell works against bad health, excessive weight loss or gain, negative energy, pain, negative aura, and barrenness among others.

  • General Spells: In case your wish doesn’t fit into the tags mentioned earlier, there is still a package meant for you that’s called general spells. Wishes to become a vampire, increase confidence, become beautiful, pass an exam, boost memory, become famous, win a competition, tell the truth, detect a lie, or find a vendor for your market, and so on fall under this category.

Now that a good foundation of magic spells has been established, let’s see how you can make money using any of these spells under white or black magic.

7 ways to make money casting spells

1. Sell Spell Scrolls

One way to make money casting spells is to write some spells in a scroll and sell them to people. To dot his, you have to be 100% sure the spells will work for what they are meant to do. Then you write down the words to be said in a paper. Label it according to its purpose and place a price for it. Advertise this to your friends and co-workers until you get customers. The more good reviews you get, post it online so that more people can trust that your spells are working.

2. Sell Magical Items

If you don’t know the words that bring supernatural events, you can also sell items that are known to bring magical happenings. Some things are known to be at the crossroads between the spirit and physical world so they can be used to draw in magical powers. Crystals, and materials like raw pyrite, citrine, clear quartz, tiger’s eye stones, and so on are known to possess protective and magical properties that can be useful. Make them into magical package boxes or pieces of jewelry and start cashing out.

3. Teach People Magic Spells

Another thing you can do is conduct a physical or online class where you teach students how to cast magic spells. Whether it is black magic or white magic, you can show them how to control the physical world using words written in foreign languages. The way to make money out of this is when you teach at a charge. Ask every student that is interested in learning to pay a small sum of money for the class.

4. Write an Ebook and Sell

If you are not super excited about talking for hours repeatedly to make money, you can put all your teachings and thoughts into a book and sell it. There are two ways to do this. You can either write everything in a single ebook and sell for a handsome price or release several episodes that you can keep publishing to make money. Note that you don’t have to be confined to writing spells alone in your book. You can also write your views about magic, its origin, how you got yours, how to improve your skills, and other tips for getting better.

5. Create a Blog

A blog is a slow-paced yet sure way of making money from casting spells. You can create a blog and write about spells often for a while. This will not only bring you money at the end of the day but also make you become an authority in the field. People will begin to see you as a pro and as someone to reach out to for directions. Imagine being a boss online at magic spells, you can almost sell them anything and you will make money.

6. Cast Spells for People for Money

This is a simple way out - simply cast spells for people that need the help. There are 6 categories or aspects of life you can use spells. Whether it is to help your customer’s love life, get money, bring healing, attract protection, increase power, or grant other general wishes, you can do so at a fee. By simply setting up your social media account or a physical office/shop for this service, you can become the go-to for people when they need magical interventions.

7. Cast a Wealth Spell for your Business

Finally, you can put your magical powers to use directly and cast a wealth or money spell. Remember that a money spell can help you win a lottery, attract more money, get out of debt, get a job promotion, increase your savings, or get a rise in pay. With this in mind, you can simply cast a wealth spell for your business or job and call in more money.

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As long as you can cast magic spells - and they work, you can make money from it. You can either cast the spell for yourself, for others, become a blogger on magic spells, write a book on magic spells, teach others how to cast spells, sell magical items, or you can write the spells in a paper or scroll to sell. You can also merge two or three ways to make money. For example, while casting spells for people, you can sell magical items as well. The world is at your fingertips when you have magic. All you need to do is draw money from the energy within.

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