Did you know you can make a living out of reading tarot remotely? Read on to learn how to make money online doing tarot card readings.

How good are you at reading tarot cards? Do you know your stuff enough to be called a psychic? Whether tarot reading comes naturally to you or you have to build the skill, you can make money from it online.

We have compiled 7 ways to getting paid for tarot readings in this article and we are sure that you would be able to start two or three of them right now.

But first…

What is tarot card reading & what are the benefits?

Tarot cards were first developed in the 14th century as a form of the game (like joker or solitaire). But years later, around the 18th century, it became a medium to access realms other than the natural. It was used for divination purposes and as spiritual guidance that enables a person to connect to his or her inner wisdom.

In 2021, we have seen an increase in popularity for tarot card readings, and the Washington Post stated that "Tarot’s popularity is being led by young people of color."

Some people are born with the talent of being able to understand the meaning of the cards while others have had to learn how it is done. Either way, the market demand for tarot card reading continues to grow because more people seek insights into specific questions or guidance in their lives.

Benefits of working as an online tarot card reader:

  • Help other people find meaning in their lives
  • Work remotely, from anywhere
  • Set your own hours, no more 9-5
  • Replace your full time income
  • Work only a few hours per day, whenever you feel like it

How much can you make as a tarot card reader online?

How much you can make depends on a few things, such as your experience, your level of intuition, and if you wish to do readings full time or part time.

It also depends on what type of readings you're doing. Most tarot card readers can make anything between $100 to $300 per day.

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7 ways you can make money online as a tarot reader

Stop reading cards as a hobby and start making money from your intuitive skill. All you need is a working mobile device (or a computer), good knowledge of tarot card reading, and a working internet connection. If you have gotten these things down, then you are ready to go.

1. Create a tarot reading course

This is the first way to make money online. If you know your stuff well enough, you can teach other people how to read tarot cards. And you don’t have to create a physical class, you can save costs by arranging an online class. Applications such as zoom and other videoconferencing applications can be very effective in this event. You can also add some written materials for your students to read.

The good thing about this method is that it can be a full-time job since the returns are high. For example, Tatiana Jones of Tatiana Tarot guarantees her students an income of $359 daily after developing their intuition from her bestselling course in 90 days or less. She also teaches people who have no experience how to start making $300 and above daily from the comfort of their homes doing tarot reading. Doesn't that sound amazing? I'd take that any day! 

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2. Do readings online

This is another method to make money online as a tarot card reader. You can conduct readings online for people as a service. You don’t have to see your client neither do they have to see you, which makes this a good method for introverted readers. How is this done is that you would apply as a reader to a psychic hotline to conduct readings over the internet?

A great tarot reader that do readings online, and that we recommend is Master Li - a famous Chinese psychic and master of tartology. Read more about Master Li here.

3. Have a blog or YouTube channel about tarot reading

Creating a blog or a YouTube channel is another way introverted tarot card readers can make money. However, it would have to be merged with their social media account. If you are already known as a tarot card reader on your social media page, then you can link it to your blog or vlog. You can answer questions that were asked on your social media account, in your blog. The money however comes indirectly. You’ll begin to make money from adverts on your blog or vlog as any other successful blogger or YouTuber.

4. In-person private card reading via video chats

This is the most assumed way to make money as a tarot reader - to have sessions with people and charge them after every session. You can also incorporate this idea without having to call your client to your home (nor you going to their home). Instead, in-person private card reading sessions can be hosted through video calls, Zoom meetings, Skype, and so on. You can also use texts if you are not comfortable with a video call.

5. Write and sell books about tarot reading

Ebooks are a great way to make money in this digital generation. People still read books especially if the topic is of great relevance to their needs. If you think you can write a book, then write one about tarot reading - the way to develop intuition, the different types of tarot cards, how to interpret, the history, and so on. You can even write about your journey as a tarot reader for other people to learn from it. After writing, you can then sell the books to earn money. With this method, you get to be a successful writer and a trusted tarot reader.

6. Set up an e-commerce store to sell tarot related products

This is another way to make money online as a tarot reader. You can create a store online where you’ll sell tarot-related products such as cards, books, and so on. This is a highly recommended path for those that are good at online marketing or affiliate marketing. To ensure that the website makes money, SEO tools would have to be adopted. And when the website ranks high, you can make money off website adverts too.

7. Become a freelance writer for tarot-related articles

Finally, you can make money online when you write tarot-relate articles for people (kinda like this one). Freelance writers make a lot of money these days from writing articles for blogs, websites, companies, schools, and so on. You can put your tarot knowledge to good use, help people understand tarot reading better, and make money in the process. You can either try getting clients on your own or you can sign up to freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to get started.

getting paid for tarot readings


For you to make money as a tarot card reader, you need to be good at what you do. And even if you think you are good enough, you shouldn’t stop practicing and updating your skill or talent.

There are many courses online where you can improve your intuition and make more money online. Take a course now, and open up more opportunities for yourself to make money online as a tarot card reader.

Our top pick of tarot reading courses is the Tatiana Tarot course. The course also gives you a lot of free extra material so it's well worth it.

Good luck from us here at Remote Work Tribe.