In this article, Clickmagick vs Voluum, we will go through each service and see who wins the "tracking fight" this time around. Which tool should you choose in 2024? Find out in this guide about Clickmagick and Voluum.

Clickmagick vs Voluum: Let's begin

Many people; marketers included, use paid ads to boost their content online. But the only sure method of making sure your ad brings back the expected ROI is to track the progress. That way, you can be sure the ads are as profitable as possible. That’s why the question of ‘which ad tracker is the best’ has been going on for a while. 

Among the many types, Clickmagick and Voluum are two of the most popular ad tracking software available to marketers all over the world. The two have also been in a long-term conflict which is the best.

Some say that Voluum is the most innovative Ad tracker with real-time analytics to help track campaigns while other reviews conclude that Clickmagick is the overall best for marketers because it is affordable and simple to use.

This comparison review will finally put an end to this conflict and will guide you in picking which Ad tracker would give you the best result according to your needs.

We will include sections about their price differences, services, features, how they work, the pros, and of course, the cons of each of them. So without any further ado, let’s begin.

Clickmagick Overview

Clickmagick is tracking software that is considered as ‘cutting edge’. It allows you to optimize and track all your paid ads and digital campaigns all from one software.

With Clickmagick, you can optimize your ad campaign using many of their free online tutorials/training so that you can make money from tracking ads even if you have no background knowledge of it. It also works as cloud-based software so you can always have access to our records anytime. It works with ads made through various platforms including Bing, Twitter, Facebook, Google Adwords, and so much more.

How it works

Clickmagick uses powerful tracking links and industry-standard UTMs to help track and optimize your entire sales funnel with no redirect. It also allows a user to keep track of sales regardless of what device the sales initially originated from.

How does it do this? The intelligent split test and automated feature utilize innovative algorithms that test your ads individually over time to know which of them (all your ads) is getting the best results. The software also alerts you immediately there is a digital campaign that is doing extraordinarily well. On top of that, your traffic will be automatically redirected to this good-performing ad/campaign.

Clickmagick also has a feature referred to as ‘click rotators’ (more on the features in the next section). The click rotators help distribute incoming traffic to certain links so that you can get your traffic going to the best-performing campaign (that’s aside from the automatic feature of the software). This feature can be used with ad co-ops, affiliate marketing CPA offers, solo ads, and email marketing.

The software allows you to customize the direction of traffic based on different rankings such as location, time, device type, and so much more. Other things that Clickmagick uses to help optimize and track your digital campaigns are bot filtering, advanced retargeting, analysis of traffic quality and type, 24/7 monitoring of uptime statistics, geo and mobile targeting, and so much more.

You can also check out our in-depth guide on how to use Clickmagick.


The following are some of the features you can have access to with Clickmagick;

l  Fast redirects

l  Google Analytics compatible

l  Real-time reporting and statistics

l  Advanced geotargeting and mobile optimization

l  Facebook sharing

l  Efficient US-based support team

l  Conversion tracking platform

l  Bulletproof link clocking feature

l  A tutorial and training for those that don’t have an initial ad tracking skill

l  Unlimited custom tracking domains

l  Dynamic Ad Network token and sub ID passing

l  Postback/Webhook/Server-to-Server tracking

l  Add retargeting pixels to any link

l  Automated bot filtering and flocking

l  Cross-Device Link tracking

l  Import/Export of data and stats

l  Public stats sharing feature

l  Track your entire sales funnel

l  Automated and intelligent split testing

l  24/7 link uptime monitoring

l  Multi-mode link rotators

l  Use tracking links (e.g. an affiliate link) or your own branded link URLs

l  Click fraud monitoring and traffic quality analysis

l  Dynamic affiliate links

Pro and Cons of Clickmagick

The following are the reasons Clickmagick is a good ad tracker;

l  The software is fast, reliable, and 100% based on the web so you don’t need to waste time installing or buying a software disk.

l  Automated split testing helps to make sure that you are investing in only the best links.

l  Accurate stats to help you to be aware of the correct amount of clicks per link.

l  24/7 uptime monitoring so that you won’t waste time on low links.

l  Cross-device tracking allows you to track your stats even if you are using different devices.

We cannot list the pros without mentioning some of the downsides too. The cons include;

l  No live support is available for when you have enquiries that need immediate attention.

l  It needs a little learning at first because of the clogged interface.

Voluum Overview

Voluum is a cloud-based tracking software created by codewise to help users track affiliate campaigns, analyze data, optimize ad performance, and boost business profitability.

This tool is used by a lot of marketers all over the world including the UK, USA, and Poland. It is easy to set up and there are step-by-step guides that can help you through when setting up your campaigns.

How it works

Similar to Clickmagick, it allows you to track all your campaigns from one device/software. It records all of your payouts and costs so that you can work out the number of events you got from your campaigns plus what you have earned and your ROI. Using SSL encryption, you can be sure that all your work is safe and secured.

By using this tool, you will be able to analyze your affiliate data using the extensive analytics tools within the software and the data grouping feature will help you explore the layers of your data. You will also be able to see a clear overview of your performance through the dashboard including profits, clicks, and visits. Best of all, you can do all these and more through the mobile app which can be available to you anywhere.

Click here to see pricing of Voluum.


The following are the features you can find when you use Voluum;

l  Direct tracking pixel

l  Manual conversion update

l  Listicle tracking

l  Manual cost update

l  Multi-user workspace

l  Lander protection script

l  Anti-fraud kit

l  Impression tracking

l  Conversion clapping

l  Extensive reporting

l  IP/UPA filtering

l  A/B testing

l  Traffic source and affiliate network templates.

l  Data grouping and drill down

l  Rule-based targeting

l  Traffic distribution AI

l  Multi-currency spend tracking

l  Reporting API

l  Mobile app

l  Traffic log

Pros and Cons of Voluum

The following are the upsides of using Voluum;

l  Onboard tutorials and training videos to guide you in setting up your campaigns

l  Anti-fraud kit and SSL encryption to help detect suspicious activities and keep your data secure.

l  Mobile app for easy access to your data

l  Real-time campaign tracking

l  A/B testing that helps you get maximum profitability on each of your campaigns.

The cons include the following;

l  It can have a technical interface which makes it a little overwhelming for newcomers.

l  It is on the high side in terms of cost (price).

Clickmagick Vs Voluum: The similarities and differences

Both Clickmagick and Voluum are cloud-based software that focuses on helping users track and optimize digital campaigns. They also both offer 24/7 link uptime monitoring to ensure that every user makes the most out of their investment instead of spending money on links that are down.

Finally, both software providers understood that not everyone knows how to track ads and campaigns so they both provided thousands of dollars worth of tutorials and lessons on the basic use of the software. This way, users of both software can have background knowledge of how to use ad trackers to track and optimize campaigns for maximum ROIs.

So what about the differences? The following are some of the differences you might have missed while checking through their features, pro, and cons individually.

1.     Clickmagick is 100% based on the web while Voluum can still be accessed through their mobile app.

2.     Voluum is more technical than Clickmagick and hence more expensive.

3.     You might have to employ an outside app to help analyze your data if you use Clickmagick while you can analyze data in-app with Voluum.

4.     Clickmagick has more automatic features than Voluum which makes it a better option for those that don’t know much about ad tracking.


There are a lot of things that make the two different from each other but we will say this, they both have where they are useful. For example, someone looking to track a few ads can make use of Clickmagick because it has a simpler interface with so many tools and a tutorial to help. However, if you are a marketer or you handle a lot of links, then you might need a more comprehensive and technical solution like Voluum.

We at Remote Work Tribe highly recommend both Clickmagick and Voluum. Your choice will ultimately come down to what fits your marketing efforts the most.