There are many link tracking tools online, but one of them that keeps making news headlines is ClickMagick.

That’s why we have dedicated this guide to reviewing what the ClickMagick tool is, how it works, and why marketers should consider using the tool for their link tracking purposes. 

So if you are ready to learn how ClickMagick works, keep reading this ClickMagick Review and Ultimate Guide in 2023.

Do you want to understand your target audience better, know what your users want on your site, and which of your campaigns are working and not working? 

Then what you need is to track the ad campaign and the internal marketing links you are using for your ads and traffic generation. 

And a great tool to track your ad campaign performance is ClickMagick. 

An Overview of ClickMagick

ClickMagick is a link tracking tool that is used to help track links that lead traffic to a certain URL (some users write ClickMajick, but it's ClickMagick).

To market a product online, either through affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and so on, you would need to create a link that takes the user to the service or product you are advertising. 

Then this link can be pasted on your social media, blog, ad campaign, or any other sales channel you have. However, here is the twist point. 

Most times marketers are only able to track the progress of these links to check whether they are successful or not. ClickMagick does much more. 

It was created as a powerful tracking tool with various features (soon to be explained) to help you track every click made through the link to your website. 

It can also be used to track the progress of marketing links and to check the performance of your campaign. 

ClickMagick can help detect whether an ad campaign is successful or not. It also allows every marketer to be able to customize their campaign metrics according to their requests. 

ClickMagick is likewise designed to help automate repetitive tasks which assist to attain maximum conversion with ad optimization. 

Finally, it gives marketers access to various marketing tools that aid them to increase the performance and efficiency of ad campaigns.

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What are the features of ClickMagick? Read on to learn about the main features of this tool.

ClickMagick features

ClickMagick has a few features that make it possible for you to track marketing links to websites. Below are the features you will encounter using it.

  1. Cross-device tracking ensures that users can accurately track their customer’s data across different devices. 
  2. Import/export data statistics that allow you to move your records from one platform to the other.
  3. Offline sales tracking 
  4. Real-time stats and reports give every user current information as things unfold.
  5. Advanced geo-targeting and mobile optimization make it possible for you to analyze every ad campaign according to the location targeted.
  6. Tracking of the entire website’s sales funnel
  7. Unlimited personalized tracking domains
  8. Automated split testing for maximized traffic redirect and conversion.
  9. Retargeting pixels for all links 
  10. Dynamic affiliate links
  11. Compatibility testing for Google Analytics, and so much more. 

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How to use ClickMagick

ClickMagick was created to help marketers and owners of websites track their ad campaign links. Upon loading the website, you will be faced with four options. Then you’ll be asked to select which describes you best. There is also a 2-minute custom video to guide you on how to use the tool. 

The software can be used by those that generate leads for their product or service, those that have an e-commerce website or an online store, affiliate marketers, and so on.  

To successfully use ClickMagick for your link tracking purpose, there are three steps to follow;

  • The first task is to add your website code. This involves adding the software’s tracking code to your website or landing page. Then you would also have to add the conversion tracking code to any websites or pages that you would like to track.
  • The second step is to make use of the software campaign URL builder to booty URL for yourself. It will also help you to add UTM tracking parameters to your already existing website URL.
  • Finally, at stage 3, you will find a dashboard already set up that allows you to track, monitor, and optimize your data and campaign ad as you would wish.

The dashboard contains the following statistics;

  • All your revenue statistics which include the net profits, expenses, and total revenue acquired from the ad campaign
  • Every statistic that includes the number of engaged conversions, actions, and total customers that were generated from the ad campaign
  • All information linking to how many total clicks were generated

After you sign up for ClickMagick (at an affordable price I might add, and with a 14-day trial), the steps are easy from there. The user interface for their software has been designed to help even marketing newbies (like us) know what to do. 

Benefits of ClickMagick

Despite all the features mentioned earlier, it is quite understandable that a lot of marketers may still be skeptical about whether or not they should try ClickMagick. 

However here are some great benefits that would convince you that this software will make a big difference in your next ad campaign.

1. Link tracking

This is the first and the primary benefit of ClickMagick. It allows marketers to track every ad link, and the performance of the ad. It will help you determine which marketing strategy works and which doesn’t. 

It will also help you to know where your major traffic comes from and what websites or pages your customers are more interested in. This can help you save costs in the long run and simplify your marketing strategy.

2. Tracking multiple devices

ClickMagick allows every user to track their customers through activity across different devices. This will help you to optimize your ad performance as well as the landing page for an increase in your sales and conversion rates. 

You would also be able to fully understand your customers’ journey while planning for an improvement in your product or service with your customers’ behavior. In simpler terms, by tracking your customer activity across different devices, you can be able to create exactly what your customer wants.

3. Rotators

As a marketer, ClickMagick will enable you to distribute your traffic according to your need across many URLs. Therefore if you have more than 2 provided URLs, you can be able to spread the incoming traffic across all your active URLs. 

ClickMagick offers four ways to do this. The first is the fulfillment mode where all incoming clicks are directed to a particular URL, and when that’s URL has a maximum number of unique clicks, the incoming traffic is redirected to the next active URL. 

There is also the random mode that distributes the clicks randomly to all active provided URLs. The sequential mode sends the incoming traffic to every active URL one after the other until every provided URL has received incoming clicks then it starts all over again. ClickMagick also offers the spillover mode as well.

4. Split testing 

This is a great benefit for marketers because Split testing helps to test your ad without wasting time, money, or resources. With ClickMagick, you can test your ad on several websites to see which works best. But that is not the good part. 

ClickMagick will not only help you to determine which landing page works best with your ad campaign but will also redirect all your traffic to the winning landing page. By doing this, the software can help you improve your website conversion and sales automatically while optimizing for the right metrics and algorithms on every landing page.

5. Bot traffic filter

ClickMagick serves as a savior tool for marketers because unlike other link traffic software online, and can filter out Internet traffic coming from automated bots which helps you to get accurate traffic statistics and reports. 

The other pros of using ClickMagick as a marketer include being able to track every ad across different platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and Google. It is also fully integrated with Facebook conversion API, gives every user access to current and real-time statistics, and best of all, can be used to track offline conversions. 

The only disadvantage that might be associated with ClickMagick is that its many features can seem overwhelming for new users. However, the software has over 100 tutorials that can help users understand their software better. 


A quick recap of what we’ve been saying so far. ClickMagick is software created to help track marketing links as well as ad campaigns. It also has numerous features that help to make conversion and sales easier through online marketing. 

The software has a simple and friendly user interface which makes it easy for even a newbie to navigate through. However, our guide and how to use Clickmagick can help simplify the process even further. 

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