Outreach has become one of the most crucial aspects of digital marketing in the modern age. Small businesses, individual influencers, bloggers and larger companies all have carefully cultivated outreach strategies. These strategies help bring more traffic to their site or social media pages.

We live in a world where harvesting data has never been easier. Social media, online shopping, remote working, dating apps - the number of data points that exist for the everyday smartphone user is getting bigger by the day. But harvesting huge amounts of data from web users isn’t enough. You need to know how to analyze and use that data to better understand your audience and market. 

That’s where outreach tools come in. Outreach tools can help you crystallize the mass of data you have acquired, and use it to reach out to even more web users, driving further traffic wherever you want it to go.

If you are searching for outreach tools that will enhance your company’s performance and give you a better idea of how to strategize your next steps, both NinjaOutreach and BuzzSumo are excellent tools to use. In this piece, we will explore the key aspects to both NinjaOutreach and Buzzsumo, so you can better understand how these tools work - and which one would be best for you. 

Let’s dive right in, shall we? Here is our full comparison: NinjaOutreach vs BuzzSumo!

Table of Contents

  • NinjaOutreach: history, main functions, and user insights
  • NinjaOutreach key features
  • NinjaOutreach reviews: what their customers have to say
  • NinjaOutreach pricing
  • BuzzSumo: history, main functions, and user insights
  • BuzzSumo key features
  • BuzzSumo reviews: what their users say
  • BuzzSumo pricing
  • Overall Conclusion

NinjaOutreach: history, main functions, and user insights

NinjaOutreach, founded in 2014 by David Schneider, has been well known as a hugely effective outreach tool since the company’s inception.

The philosophy of the company is pretty simple: cost-effective, simple blogger outreach and analytics tools that can be used by just about anyone. 

NinjaOutreach Key Features

  • Influencer marketing. 

If you are getting to grips with being an influencer or you manage influencers’ marketing campaigns, you should definitely get wise to NinjaOutreach.

If you are searching for ways to automate your data entry, making it easier to find influencers who are relevant to your brand or outreach strategy, NinjaOutreach is your tool! NinjaOutreach expands your audience base by mining through endless influencer data to find the golden opportunities waiting for your business.

Using keyword searches for Instagram & Youtube, NinjaOutreach makes your search for the right influencers as easy as pie.

  • Lead generation & link building. 

One of the most essential aspects of blogger outreach for your business to nail, is link building. Link building involves creating natural, engaging content that incorporates relevant links, thus expanding your SEO. NinjaOutreach has specialist link building software for this exact purpose.

NinjaOutreach has a huge lead generation database that makes finding new leads extremely efficient and simple. 

  • Email outreach, statistics and analysis

For extremely effective, incisive email statistics, NinjaOutreach is your tool. NinjaOutreach’s software not only gives you great email outreach tools, but also allows you to analyze their effectiveness too. 

It is highly important that you are able to assess the success of any marketing campaign. NinjaOutreach not only gives you the tools to reach out, but it also lets you analyze those tools using the same CRM.

  • Simultaneous management of multiple projects.

NinjaOutreach’s cloud based software makes it easy for marketers to manage multiple campaigns or smaller projects at once. Your detailed campaign analysis will be easily categorized and made accessible, separating each project and allowing overall analysis of each campaign.

This feature makes NinjaOutreach the perfect tool for higher level marketers who are tasked with strategizing for multiple clients. The efficient nature of NinjaOutreach’s services eliminates hours of work each week by simplifying the data analysis process.

NinjaOutreach Reviews: What Their Customers Have To Say

Now that we’ve done a basic analysis of the functions of NinjaOutreach, let’s hear from some actual customers, shall we?

It’s no fun just to look at the positives, so we’re going to consider all reviews of NinjaOutreach - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Ryan O’Connor of One Tribe Apparel says: “I've Been Doing SEO For Over Five Years And Ninja Outreach Is The Best Tool I’ve Used To Manage Outreach Campaigns Across Hundreds Of Websites And Multiple Projects. Their Contact Info Collection Tool Alone Saves Me Countless Hours Each Month."

On Trustpilot, Michael Macey says: Very happy with this product. Easy and intuitive to use with no glitches or bugs. Powerful program for many uses. Easy to collect data and download onto your computer. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone interested.

There are a few complaints online about NinjaOutreach, largely focusing on the free trial aspect of their service. NinjaOutreach offers a 7 day free trial, but once the trial is up, the client will be billed for the full year. Some reviewers claim this has caused trouble for them, so perhaps one weak spot for NinjaOutreach is their clarity when customers want to book a free trial!

NinjaOutreach Pricing

NinjaOutreach is priced at $119 pcm, or for the Pro version it is $199 pcm. The two price options make it easy to scale your investment based on the level of analysis you want to access.

Customers are billed annually and automatically after the 7 day free trial - so make sure to cancel it if you aren’t interested in signing up for the year!

BuzzSumo: history, main functions and user insights

The highly impressive platform BuzzSumo is used by many notable media companies, including The Telegraph newspaper, Expedia, Hubspot and Buzzfeed. This immediately legitimizes this business to a new user, and might just be the pull you need to sign up for a free trial.

BuzzSumo was founded in 2014, just like NinjaOutreach. Since then, they have been catapulted into success, valued at many millions of dollars in 2021. Its client base alone is highly impressive and is worth noting when considering which blogger outreach service to choose.

BuzzSumo Key Features

  • SEO link building and other features.

BuzzSumo has expert SEO link building software that helps you create content that is tailored to the audience you want. One of the most used features in BuzzSumo’s package is the analytics; yoru SEO strategy can be built and analyzed using this one cloud platform.

  • Generate content ideas.

BuzzSumo helps content creators to generate ideas based on current blogger outreach trends. This allows you to meet and beat your competitors with fresh content that adheres to your audience’s favorite trends. Generating content ideas is all done through this simple tool that eliminates laborious data entry and gets right to the crux of the matter instantly.

  • Discover new audiences through different search points. 

BuzzSumo allows its users to search for new leads by searching by author, content type, domain, social network and other factors. This makes getting to the right leads fast and easy, slashing the hours spent finding these leads manually.

  • Resources like webinars and blogs.

BuzzSumo truly goes the extra mile when it comes to educating their customers. This platform is dedicated to helping marketers understand how to get more out of their campaigns. 

BuzzSumo makes this abundantly clear with the range of resources they offer to paying customers, including webinars, blogs, article analysis and more.

  • Automation.

Just like NinjaOutreach, BuzzSumo offers its customers the opportunity to automate their data entry and analytics with powerful APIs. You can build internal reporting tools and track the performance of your campaigns, without having to go through the process of manual data entry.

BuzzSumo Reviews: What Their Users Say

Overall, BuzzSumo has a higher rating than NinjaOutreach when it comes to customer reviews. Here is what their users have to say…

An extensive review of BuzzSumo on Influencer Marketing Hub says, “BuzzSumo’s approach to helping marketers identify and analyze the most engaging content and authors on the web in their specific niche makes it an invaluable tool.”

On Trustpilot: “Buzzsumo is the best platform for several reasons:

- the first one, to measure how much an article has been shared on the web;

- the second, to look up for trending themes;

- and the third, to spy on your competitors!”

In all honesty, it’s pretty challenging to find a single negative review of BuzzSumo online. This company seems to be almost universally loved by its users, which is something to consider when choosing between these two services.

BuzzSumo Pricing

BuzzSumo’s pricing ranges from $79p/m to a whopping $499p/m, depending on the level of investment you want to make. It has a wider range of price points than NinjaOutreach, making it slightly more scalable to the level of analysis you want to have access to.

BuzzSumo also offers a 30 day free trial, rather than the 7 days offered by NinjaOutreach - making it a slightly more generous service overall!

Overall Conclusion

What’s better: NinjaOutreach or BuzzSumo? On price points and customer reviews alone, it seems that BuzzSumo takes the win on this occasion. However, NinjaOutreach has plenty to offer, and definitely shouldn’t be overlooked as a brilliant blogger outreach tool.

Both of these services are valued highly among influencers, marketers, bloggers and SEO specialists. To find out more, visit the BuzzSumo and NinjaOutreach websites to discover them for yourself!