If your bank account has been dwindling, or you’ve felt yourself stuck in a financial rut, manifesting the powers of the universe might just be the key to changing your luck. 

Fortune favours the brave, as the old age saying goes and if you’ve been dreaming of improving your money flow situation, a Money Attraction Spell could be the perfect trick. 

How does a Magic Money Spell work?

Anyone who practises magic will tell you that every spell that's cast works in different ways, by harnessing the powers of the universe, as well as using your own energies to help do the work. 

An important facet to remember is that the energy you put out is ultimately the energy you will receive — magic Money Spells are all about channelling the Law of Attraction. 

For example, you’ve been struggling to make ends meet for the last three months and you get a magic money spell cast for you. If you continue to think negative thoughts about money and wealth, negative energy will surround you. This makes it difficult for that positive energy to manifest itself and help create the change you’re seeking. 

Don’t be afraid of money

Stay positive, welcome money into your life, and think happy thoughts about it, like gold coins falling from the sky into your lap. Your positive energy can then work with the powers of the universe in equilibrium, and you’ll start to notice the outcomes immediately. 

Writer Dale Carnegie once said, “Life truly is a boomerang. What you give, you get.” … the same can be said about your personal energy and its aura. Ultimately, energy can change from one form to another, but it cannot be physically demolished.  

Different types of Money Spells 

Depending on your intention, there are different types of money spells. 

Are you looking to buy a new house or car? Perhaps you’re after a new promotion that offers double your salary? Is there a baby on the way and you need more money? 

For some, it could mean gaining a few extra dollars so you’re finally able to save for an overseas vacation. Others may want some extra cash flow to take a new course/class. Do you have massive student debt to pay? Or simply want to renovate your home after a five-year wait … every person has a significantly different financial woe. 

Ask yourself before your money attraction spell is cast, what is my intention? This makes it clear and precise what exactly you want, and need, to attract into your life to make it happen. 

Get your own powerful Money Spell cast for you 

If you’ve just started practising Wicca, or you’re a true believer in magick, get your very own Money Attraction Spell cast for you by the psychic medium and spiritual healer, Priestess Alice. 

Hailing from a centuries-old lineage of healers, Priestess Alice conjures the powers of ancient Wicca Magick, and her powerful Wealth Spells are guaranteed to usher money into your life. Her rituals are cast using the same spell castings that have been utilised for thousands of years to attract an abundance of wealth. 

If you’re ready to receive, reach out to Priestess Alice and book your own customised Wealth Spell ritual online in 4 easy steps. 

You will be asked to give a few details, such as your birth date and name as your medium maps out your birth chart for you. Following this, your spell is cast and once the ritual is complete, you will be notified.   

When you get a money spell cast for you by Priestess Alice, it’s not just spell work that you’ll benefit from. She also works to amplify and raise your vibration, energy and aura, as well as help increase your luck and fortunes in life. Be prepared for business succession to start booming, as well as other areas in your life other than your financial state, like personal happiness, and relationships. 

Ways to welcome money with magick at home: 

To further increase your luck, there are different ways to incorporate magick and perform your own money spells at home. 

Herbs and Incense 

There are many natural herbs that you can utilise in your everyday life that are known to draw wealth and attract money. You can either burn these herbs or brew yourself a cup of tea using the crushed up herbs. Or, look out for incensed versions at your local metaphysical shop.  

  • Bay leaf is used for luck 
  • Basil brings prosperity (add some into your cleaning bucket when mopping your home’s floors.)  
  • Pennyroyal is known for attracting money 
  • Bergamot helps you achieve success and draws in money 
  • Mint is for positive energy (add some to your drinking water if you are starting a new job or your own business.) 
  • Chamomile is a magical stress-reliever 


You can find many herbs, as well as other natural flora such as flowers and fruits, in an essential oil form. This is ideal for adding a few drops to your bath, to a diffuser or adapting to your beauty regime (don’t forget to check that the essential oil is suitable for your skin, not all of them are). 

Some essential oils known for prosperity and attracting wealth include sweet orange, bergamot, lemon, lemongrass, eucalyptus, frankincense, patchouli, sandalwood and many more.  


Keep your crystals near and dear, either at home, close to you when you’re working, or you can even carry smaller versions in your wallet/purse. 

Some powerful money attracting stones and crystals include Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Raw Pyrite, and Green Aventurine (also known as one of the luckiest and strongest stones for manifesting money and abundance). 

Money Altar 

Create a sacred space at home where you dedicate time each day to set your intention. Fill your altar with crystals and stones, burn incense, and add gold and shiny elements, as well as coins or notes to attract wealth and prosperity. You can also buy a green or gold candle and light it here.   

Meditation and Daily Mantras 

Remember the law of attraction! Stand at your altar, in front of the mirror or even sitting at your desk and create the habit of repeating mantras and affirmations that welcome money and abundance into your life. You can also include affirmations that diminish negative thoughts and routines. You may want to repeat these as you meditate, covering yourself in green light energy. 

Spell types to try at home 

After you’ve had your spell casting done for you and it worked, or you’re just eager to try at home to amp up your winnings, there are different forms of spells to attempt yourself. Some of the most popular include:  

Bay Leaf Candle Money Spell  

Grab a dried bay leaf and a green or gold candle. Write down your intention on the bay leaf. Light your candle and envision your intention written down occurring right now as you let the bay leaf burn. Repeat an enchantment and once the bay leaf has turned to ash, put out the candle and bury the ashes. 

Money Jar Spell  

Similar to a Candle Spell, you will harness the bay leaf’s lucky properties to cast this spell. You will need a small tea-light candle, a jar, a money note, bay leaf, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, a Pyrite stone, and a pen. Light the tea-light candle and write your specific intention on the bay leaf. Add the bay leaf, spices and note (example, $100) to the jar and seal it shut with some candle wax. Add it to your altar or keep it next to your bed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is the best time to get a Money Attraction Spell cast for you? 

There is no right or wrong answer here, however, you should consider when the moon is at its strongest for manifestation. Magick works strongly with the forces of nature, including the intense powers of the moon to further enhance the magic and energy at work. A new moon is the best time to get (or cast) a Money Attraction Spell. This phase of the lunar is the most powerful time to manifest goals, ideas, hopes and dreams into fruition.   

How long will it take for my Money Spell to work? 

Stay open minded, willing and positive and watch the money begin to flow in. Don’t forget the laws of attraction. If you invest a lot of your energy into the spell at its time of casting, you’ll see results faster. 

Why did my Money Spell not work? 

If the months pass by and you still haven't felt gained a few extra pennies, it could be because you have a negative blockage in the way. Do you still have a pessimistic attitude when it comes to money and its dealings? Or perhaps when your spell was cast, you were not mentally present enough. Some times it takes awhile for the spells to work, so don't give up just yet.

You can call on the powers of others to attract money into your life, but at the end of the day, the ultimate power is in your hands. Don’t be hesitant, go with the flow and accept total abundance now. 

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