Matters of the heart have the ability to overrule all thinking and emotion and love in itself,  really, is one of the strongest binds between us earthly beings. 

Love Magick is a very, very powerful thing. As one of the oldest and most requested forms of magick, romantic affairs have had the help of seers and witches throughout the ages. 

Performing such rituals, you can conjure up life-changing outcomes, so it’s important to be very clear and certain of what you want before you get a love spell cast for you.

Get a Love Spell Cast For You

What is it you’re seeking, dear one? Are you looking for a love spell caster specialist? 

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It’s true that love has no limits, but for the sake of getting the best results, be precise about your intention before your spell casting.  

Are you on the hunt for love and you’re seeking a new partner to do life with? Perhaps the relationship you’re looking to attract is a soul-flame friendship, or it could be an abundance of love from an estranged family member? 

There are different purposes in love … You could want a love spell cast for you to attract an ex-lover back to you, or maybe you just want to recreate the love spark in your current life-long relationship. 

How does a Love Spell work?

Ultimately, if you’re after a love spell, you’re looking to attract love in some shape or form. 

If you’ve had other spells cast for you before, like a money attraction spell, remember, that all spells are different, but their core is the same. 

All spell work utilises the energy of the medium, the energies of the earth and our universe and requires an intention. Using positive and powerful words (and sometimes other tools), the spell caster will help to project a positive energy bubble around you. Positive energy attracts positive energy

Following any spell work, it’s important to remain positive, so that your own energy, and the energy around you, reflect the same. Don’t forget, absolutely everything surrounding you is made up of energy. Plus, our earth carries lifetimes and lifetimes of its own energy.  

There are three steps to creating an intention:

  1. Write down your love intention before your spell is cast so that it is clear and further projected into the universe. Once the spell is complete, you can fold up the paper, or burn it to ash, and then bury it in the ground. 
  2. Verbalise your love intention. Read aloud what you want and have written down, or if you’re casting a spell, you will say an enchantment. 
  3. Think about your intention before a spell casting, during it, as well as the days to follow. Using magick, you have the ability to transform a thought into energy. 

Everything is interconnected 

Humans, animals, plants, the sun, moon, air, we are all connected to each other through vibrating energy on earth. Love incantations help to attract energy that is similar to your own, like positive energy or attracting your crush, pulling you towards one another. 

It is important to note that for love spells to take true course, there needs to be some sort of prior connection between you and the person mentioned in your intention.  

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Get a Love Spell Cast For You Now, and Fall Madly In Love

Different forms of Love Spells 

Love spells are among the most commonly sought after incantations. There are different spells for different meanings, so when it comes to setting your intention, you need to be quite specific. 

These include: 

Attraction Spells draw in the love you desire, from sexual to family-driven. 

Commitment Spells help you to commit, as well as highlight how dedicated your partner is to you. 

Self-love Spells work on healing you first before you attract the love you truly deserve.

Crush Spells are used for making your crush reciprocate the same feelings. 

Marriage Spells aid in nudging your significant other to finally pop the question. 

Obsession Spells are considered one of the strongest types, and they help bind two people together, creating an insane infatuation and lust between the two. 

It's even possible to get someone to help you cast an African love spell or Nigerian love spell for you.

Types of Love Spells to attract love

Calling on Venus, the Goddess of Love, choose the types of spell that best works for you. 

Honey Jar Love Spell 

You’ll need a jar, honey, rose petals, lavender, a pink candle, paper and a pen. Firstly, fill your jar with rose petals and lavender. Write the name of your crush on the paper, fold it and add it to the jar. Pour the honey into the jar, over your intention/paper and seal the jar. Light your candle and pass the jar through the smoke a few times and wait a few days/or weeks for the magic to happen.    

Candle Magic Love Spell

Fairly simple, this is great for getting the person you’re crushing on to feel the same as you. Grab a pink/or red candle and on the one side of the candle, engrave your name and star sign. On the other side, engrave the name and star sign of the one you wish you attract. Add rose oil to the candle and then light it, letting it burn until the flame naturally dies. 

Love Bag Spell 

Fill a small pocket-size bag with a Rose quartz, rose petals, lavender, pomegranate seeds and sage. Put the bag under your pillow and leave it there. As you fall asleep each night, you’ll begin manifesting, attracting the person of your dreams. 

Love Bath Magic 

Run yourself a warm bath and add to it Himalayan salt, rose petals, hibiscus petals, a drop of honey, and cinnamon. Play some soothing music in the background and light a pink candle. Lay in the bath potion with a Rose quartz over your heart for 15 minutes. 

Daily Affirmations

When you wake up, look in the mirror, or repeat on your commute to work daily affirmations and mantras of love. This will help you manifest not only the love you’re looking for but also multiplies the love you have for yourself and your own self-worth. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When is the best time to get a love spell? 

You can get a love spell cast for you at any time, but to further enhance the powers of the universe, pick a Friday or when it is a waxing moon. Friday is ruled by the goddess Venus

Do love spells work? 

As long as you set a clear intention and surround yourself with loving energy, your love spell is bound to succeed. Before any spell casting is done, meditate for a few minutes before, clear your mind and envision pink, white and warm light enveloping your being. 

How long do love spells last? 

Some spells are more powerful than others, and again, it all has to do with your intention and the intensity of it. The tools that your priestess or you use during a ritual can also affect the results. Most love spells don’t last an eternity and their time frame for magick work is governed by the new phases of the moon. 

Can love spells go wrong? 

There can be repercussions to love spells, and they can also backfire if you do not set your intention clearly and correctly. If you have a love spell cast for you but you surround yourself with dark thoughts and negative energy, this will influence the effects of your love incantation.  

Why is my love spell not working? 

Don’t expect to get a spell cast and the next day Prince Charming is going to arrive at your doorstep on a white horse…magick doesn’t work that way. If you got a love spell cast for you and it's not working, it could due to a number of reasons. Either you have blocked negative energy and love cannot reach you, or the connection between you and your desired lover is not strong enough. 

Can I get a love spell cast to break up couples? 

The short answer is yes, however, these types of spell castings require the use of black magic. When dabbling in the art of black magic, there are always repercussions and negative karma floating around afterwards, so it’s vital to remember this. 

Remember, love is freedom, but everything comes with a price. 

If you're unsure what to do, why don't you call on the help from a love spell specialist?

You can cast a free love spell that works fast, but it's easier to get a professional to help out. Keep in mind most spells need time to work, sometimes even from 3 to 6 months.

Good luck out there, and I hope this article was useful - and that you find love!

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