It’s no news that the world of alternative medicine keeps expanding every day. One of these alternative methods of treatment that has come to stay is Crystal Reading. There are several options available and numerous benefits to this alternative. 

If you've never heard of the term, that's no problem. We'll be more than glad to explain. The human body is subjected to several things physically, emotionally, and even the kind of energy that affects us. 

Crystal reading opens a channel that helps you find the energy around you, know the difference, and the proper methods to eliminate the wrong ones. This new wellness approach emphasizes how we are affected by more than the physical. It helps you understand these other dimensions, how they affect you, and how to control the effects.

You can use certain stones to achieve wellness. You can also enjoy healing powers by ensuring the right energy around you. In this article, we will be explaining what crystal reading is and how they are being applied. We will also discuss the endless benefits and options available.

In this article we aim to help you understand everything you need about crystal readings, and how to get a crystal reading from a crystal reader.

What is a Crystal Reading?

Crystal reading is a procedure where precious stones, such as amethyst, and opal, are used to help you properly understand your body, and bring about healing when necessary. Each stone has its relevance. So, like other reading forms, you choose the gemstones, and their significance is explained to you. 

These readings are done by placing the stones on your hand or parts of your body or used to form a barrier around you. This process helps you release negative energy and understand different aspects of your life. You can also use the knowledge gained to further influence whatever action you want.

A deeper understanding of yourself helps you to find a balance in life and automatically leads to wholesome healing.

How does Crystal Readings work?

The process of crystal reading is quite simple and easy to follow. You are not at any risk whatsoever and don’t need prior knowledge. All you need to do is contact a licensed practitioner, and they will guide you on choosing stones, understanding the readings, and implementing the results.

The exercise lasts about an hour or more and involves reading the stones, sharing the readings, and how to proceed. In crystal reading, we believe that the energies surrounding you, if channeled properly, provide you with the desired result. You know the kind of energy to block, where to channel the right ones, and how to strike a balance.

The process is a fun, harmless method that helps heal through natural means. You are, however, advised to see your doctor for physical injuries that are causing pain.

Benefits of a Crystal Reading

The process of crystal reading has been tried by many, and they have been able to see results. While it has safety as its first advantage, other undeniable benefits are thrilling, exciting, and rewarding all at once. Here are some of those benefits.

  • Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is one of the benefits of crystal reading using the right stones and in the proper process. During the procedure, various healing stones are put around you, which generate and infuse healing energy into you. Specific stones with peculiar abilities are used to perform this exercise. These stones include rose quartz for forgiveness, tiger eye for strength, and amethyst for peace and healing. 

  • Evaluation of Pattern

The evaluation of patterns involves reading your stones to evaluate patterns, recurring cycles in your life, etc. This knowledge, accompanied by the information provided, is used to help you for future purposes. By recognizing patterns, you recognize routines and learn to stop the negative ones.

  • Choosing a Personal Crystal 

There is some knowledge about crystal readings you might not have in detail, one of which is the knowledge of crystals and their uses. All crystals have their benefits. 

Crystal reading helps identify the various energy you're lacking and how to get them. After your exercise, you get suggestions on what you need and how it can work. They give you specifics on how to use it practically in necklaces, around your house, etc.

5 ways you can get a Crystal Reading

Crystal reading is no new venture, so it isn’t hard to get one these days. However, you want to ensure that whoever you’re getting from is licensed to practice. 

While the process is safe, there are fake practitioners out there. You should always check the practice out to confirm its authenticity before use. Here are some suggestions that can help.

1. Kasamba

Kasamba is a safe place if you want psychic evaluations, crystal readings, astrology, career forecasts, etc. They are reliable and accurate, with over 20 years of providing sound services. 

Navigating the site is easy, and they also have an app available you can always reach them through. Their available psychics are not only skilled and experienced, but they also accommodate individuals from every walk of life, belief system, and tradition. 

You never have to worry about feeling judged or insecure when addressing an issue. The Kasamba team has its strong pillars of dedication, commitment to client satisfaction, and safety. 

For onboarding, you get to chat with their available advisors for 3 minutes to find the best one for yourself. After the chat, you can choose another advisor if you're unsatisfied, and it won't incur any extra charge. They have a guaranteed refund policy if you're unsatisfied with their service. 

2. Purple Garden

The Purple Garden is a community of psychic advisors that offer readings based on different aspects of life. From relationships, career paths, predictions, etc. They help you to find clarity in whatever phase of your life you’re going through. 

The community has experienced advisors who are passionate about their job and come highly recommended by advisors and clients alike. While they have categories such as most accurate, trending, and other recommendations, you can choose who you want to work with.

The Purple Garden is rated one of the best in the field. They keep their clients happy with the highest accuracy rate and quality of service. They have options for readings via phone calls, chat, or video calls.

3. Psychic Source

They are well known for their 24/7 availability to render service. At the psychic source, they render their service actively through phone calls, chats, and video calls whenever you need them. 

The onboarding process is an easy one that leaves you feeling not only safe but also satisfied with their service. They have set up a system that asks you some questions and guides you into making the right choice. 

They have a free three minute period available to first-timers, giving them a feel of their service. Also available on their website is a collection of related articles you can read to expand your knowledge on different categories. 

4. Oranum

With Oranum, there is an extra free point of watching live streams of psychics you can learn different things from. Available on their site is the option to choose from various psychics of your choice and at whatever period you prefer. You can choose according to their different niches, depending on the kind of psychic help you need. 

Their responsive customer service unit is one of their stellar qualities. From inquiries, onboarding, as well as billing problems, they are always out to help from inquiries, onboarding and billing problems. At Oranum, they also have a juicy offer for first-timers. They cover various categories ranging from love, dreams interpretations, psychic readings, etc.

5. AskNow

Last but not least, we recommend the AskNow psychic evaluation site. One of its selling points is that it has some bilingual psychics, which means it can reach a more diversified audience. They offer services that give you clarity in your life from past-life readings, confusion in career path, financial complications, dream analysis, and many others. All you have to do is ask.

At AskNow, you are charged according to the category of advisors you choose to go with. There is also a free five-minute bonus for first timers whenever you sign up with them. The team at AskNow also states that they conduct regular checks on their available psychics to ensure they are giving out value.


Choosing a psychic for your readings is a personal and delicate exercise. You will disclose personal information to this person, so you want to choose the right person. Since they will also advise you on how to move on with your life, they should also be qualified and licensed. 

We have provided some sites where you can get crystal readings. You can also rate these sites according to ease of use, onboarding exercises required, and the initial free trial period. If at some point you are not comfortable with the service, you can always back out whenever you want.

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Good luck from us at Remote Work Tribe.