If you're wondering whether the guy you're seeing is truly interested in you, our does he love me tarot guide can help shed some light on the situation. 

Though nothing can give you a 100% guarantee, a tarot reading can often provide clarity and peace of mind. Are you ready for your “does he love me tarot reading”? 

In this guide, we will teach you everything you need to know about how to do a love tarot reading for yourself (especially a "does he love me tarot reading").

If you're ready to get started, grab your deck and let's get started!

How to do a Does He Love Me Tarot Reading: 

1. Begin by cleansing your deck. This can be done by simply running it under cold water or holding it in your hands and mentally sending it positive energy.

2. Once you've cleansed your deck, shuffle it thoroughly and allow yourself to think about your question as you do so.  

3. When you feel ready, cut the deck into three piles, and then choose one of the piles to turn over. 

4. Next, choose three cards from the pile you've selected and lay them out in front of you from left to right. 

5. Take a look at your cards and interpret their meaning based on the position they are in as well as the traditional meanings of each tarot card. 

6. Finally, consult your intuition to see how these messages resonate with you on a gut level. With practice, this will become easier and more accurate over time. 

You can also skip all of these steps and get right to it by getting a Love Tarot Reading by a professional. You can read more about that in the next section.

A love tarot reading can be incredibly eye-opening and insightful. After your reading is complete, you will have a much better understanding of your current relationship situation and where it is headed. You will be more clear about his feelings and if he loves you or just "likes" you.

You may also receive some useful advice from the reader about how to overcome any obstacles you are currently facing in your relationship. 

Love Tarot Card Meanings 

The Three of Swords:

The Three of Swords is often interpreted as heartbreak or betrayal and can indicate that someone is feeling pain due to love lost. In a reading about whether someone loves you, this card would likely suggest that they do not have romantic feelings for you.  

However, if there are other supporting cards present, this could also suggest that someone is going through a tough time and may need some space before they are able to express their love for you fully. 

The Ace of Cups: 

The Ace of Cups indicates new beginnings and suggests that someone may be falling in love with you or that they have strong feelings for you which they are just beginning to explore. 

This card is generally considered positive so if it appears in your reading, it's a good sign that things are headed in a positive direction! 

The Tower: 

The Tower is often interpreted as chaos or upheaval and can suggest that someone is going through a tough time emotionally which is preventing them from being able to express their love for you clearly. 

However, if there are other supportive cards present this could also suggest that somebody needs some space before they are ready to commit to a romantic relationship with you specifically. 

How to Get a professional Does He Love Me Tarot Reading

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If you're wondering whether the guy you're seeing is in it for the long haul or not, our does he love me tarot guide can help set your mind at ease (at least somewhat!).

Though nothing can give you a 100% guarantee, a tarot reading often provides clarity and peace of mind—something we could all use more of these days! So go ahead and give it a try—you might be surprised at what comes up for you. 

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Want to learn more about other types of tarot readings? We’ve written an extensive guide on how to get a digital tarot reading from several online tarot readers. Or check out our homepage or blog for more posts about tarot and more!