Every digital nomad needs a laptop stand because it helps you get comfortable even when you have to work in really uncomfortable situations.

With a great digital nomad laptop stand, you can recreate a purpose-designed computer desk with even more features than just a tabletop. You can also get rid of placing your laptop on your legs or hands which makes for a better work experience.

Read more to find out what the best digital nomad laptop stand is in 2024 and where you can get it right now.

Why the Quality of the Nomad Laptop Stand Matters

Some people make the mistake of going simply for any make of nomad laptop stands. Falling victim to this mistake can make things uncomfortable or even worse, cost you your laptop. Here are some reasons you need to be concerned with the quality of the travel laptop stand you are getting.

1. Positioning

A Laptop should be at the same level as your eye-line before you can eliminate strain. A low laptop stand will have you looking down at the screen and a high one will have you straining your neck to see what it is you are doing. You should have the right posture when working on your laptop - that’s a straight back and elbows at 90 degrees and only a good nomad laptop stand can prevent you from sitting wrongly and having a headache.

2. Extra Features

Some travel laptop stands are simply plain tabletops that only allow you to place your laptops on them. Although this is not a bad thing, extra features don’t hurt either. Getting a laptop stand with extra features like USB ports, cup holders, slots, and so on is what truly determines the best portable laptop stand.

3. Stability

Finally, you need a stand that is firm and stable enough to hold your laptop. If it is not firm enough, your laptop can fall while you are using it. This can cost you some repairs you are unprepared for or a complete replacement if it comes to that.

The Best Laptop Stand for Digital Nomads

Now that you know why you need to worry about getting not just any type of laptop stand but the best portable laptop stand, we can move on with the sections. So what is the best laptop stand for digital nomads? There are a lot of options out there but one that seems to take the lead is the Nexstand digital nomad laptop stand.

Who is Nextstand?

Nexstand is a digital company that helps every digital nomad create a healthy and productive remote workspace. With this goal in mind, they provide different products including quality laptop stands, laptop sun shades, phone stands, keyboards, and mouse for every digital nomad out there. 

Founded from the digital gap that many workers didn’t have a set work area (from being mobile professionals), they made it a goal to provide the tools required for every digital nomad to work anywhere and everywhere. With a Nexstand laptop stand, you can choose your space for focus, productivity, and growth.

They have a great team that is assigned to designing a firm, stable, multi-purpose, convenient laptop stand that can eradicate pain and aches from using your laptop for long periods.

The Nexstand Laptop Stand

The Nexstand laptop stand is designed for comfort, flexibility, and convenience. It is highly recommended for those that are on the lookout for laptop stands that re-create your workspace wherever you are. The stand can be adjustable to different heights which tackles the challenge of the right positioning that was mentioned earlier. So whether you are tall, medium-height, or short, you can adjust the laptop stand to your eye level for better comfort. It is also sturdy, compact, and portable which makes it a great travel laptop stand option for mobile freelancers. But while a lot of things have been mentioned, what are the specific reasons Nexstand is recommended for digital nomads?

  1. You can say goodbye to aches and pain in your neck and back with the adjustable Nexstand laptop stand.
  2. It is lightweight, compact, and foldable which makes it more portable for easy moving around. If you travel a lot, then this nomad laptop stand will work great for you.
  3. It takes a load of your laptop fan in keeping the device cool. Since your laptop is elevated, air can flow more freely underneath and prevent cases of overheating.
  4. It is cost-effective. Despite its great versatility, it is relatively cheaper than many of the other options out there.

Where can you get one and for how much?

The easiest way to get a laptop stand is to order one directly from the Nexstand website:

>> Click Here to Order Your Nexstand Laptop Stand Now

Generally, you can get a laptop stand from any local store that sells electronics, phones, and laptops. So you can simply walk up to any store around you to get a laptop stand. However, remember to check for quality first. Check how firm the stand is and if it will help your posture when you are using it. It is advisable to take your laptop along when you go shopping.

You can also get a good laptop stand through many of the e-commerce stores online. All you need to do is go to their website and search for ‘digital laptop stands’. To make the best choice, check for online reviews of the product before finalizing the purchase.

Laptop stands don’t cost a lot and you can get one without having to break the bank. Also, if you want to get the nexstand laptop stand, head on to their official website to place an order immediately. You can also get a discount on your first order and that saves you more money.


One common thing about every digital nomad is that they make use of technology for work. They are not stable in one office as they move from one place to another frequently. They also use laptops more than desktops because a desktop computer is harder to move around. That’s why every digital nomad needs a strong and quality laptop stand. Though many options and brands offer good stands, the Nexstand laptop stand is more recommended for digital nomads.

We at Remote Work Tribe highly recommend Nexstand as your go-to nomad laptop stand!