Like two peas in a pod, the yin to your yang, the better half that completes you, or however you would like to put it, your twin flame is the other person destined to complete you. We're all made to be unique beings. So, you want and do things differently, depending on your beliefs. 

You are not necessarily compatible with everyone around you. But we have people that we can bear to live with, which brings us to the topic of twin flame soul contracts. This connection begs whether a particular person out there is made for you and you alone.

Are you new to the idea of a twin soul flame contract? If you want to know more about it, keep reading. This article will tell you all you need to know about twin flame soul contracts. 

You will understand what twin flames and soulmates are. We will try to answer the questions you have asked yourself. Questions such as the purpose of these contracts, why they are essential, and other frequently asked questions.

Are Soulmates Real?

Ever wondered if there's only one person for you out there? You may have thought that you are the perfect fit for someone and are confident they are supposed to be with you. We classify this kind of connection as a soulmate connection. These relationships are pure and deeply rooted, where you feel genuine love and connection for a person. 

In a relationship with your soulmate, you feel safe. You feel loved and feel like you can always easily express yourself. It usually comes in the most subtle way possible and may not be as intense as a twin soul contract. These soul contracts are easy to bond with and lead to long-lasting relationships. 

If you are lucky enough to experience this kind of bond, it is something you should cherish and hold on to. They are a pure form of love. 

According to soul contracts, we all have an agreement with a unique soul out there. These relationships don't have to be purely romantic, as they can be with a friend or sibling.  

We all feel this connection differently. It could be that you meet someone and suddenly feel like you've known them for a long time, you like to be around them, or you feel comfortable around them. It can be easily explained as a soul contract. 

This feeling is experienced when two souls have agreed to meet in the future. These different souls in different places strive to come together and feel a special connection when they finally do. There are different kinds of soul contracts out there, and we will help you understand the twin soul flame contracts, perhaps one of the strongest. 

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What is a Twin Flame Soul Contract?

A twin flame soul contract is the most intense form of a soul contract. Imagine one soul split into two bodies and how intense that could be. 

In a twin flame soul contract, these two bodies constantly yearn for each other until they finally meet. You always feel incomplete and are certain there is a part of you that is missing. The different things you experience, the other person also experiences. It is like you're two separates but the same people.

The high point of a twin flame soul contract is when you finally meet your other half. As expected, this kind of soul contract will take time, energy, and a lot of different experiences for both parties to understand and embrace this feeling. 

This process is experienced by both parties differently, and they each have a way they handle it. However, they both share a few stages, which we will explain in the next section. 

Connection Stages of the Twin Flame Soul Contract

These stages help to understand and process the intense feelings they are going through. They can learn, unlearn, and relearn how to love unconditionally and find their place in each other's lives.


Before they finally meet, there is the longing feeling of wanting to find the other person. The binding soul energy they both experience continues to draw them together. They tend to feel this lack from deep within like space needs to be filled. 

In some cases, it hinders them from bonding with other people in their life, and they cannot build healthy relationships. This pattern continues till they find a way to handle this feeling and try to live everyday life. Or their version of normal, even if they still feel incomplete till, they finally meet.


When they finally meet, their progress at masking their feelings or trying to live an everyday life is cut short. All the feelings of longing and incompleteness begin to resurface, and there is a rush of emotions all over again. 

The meeting doesn't magically make all the pain disappear, as both parties mostly still want to mask their feeling of pain for various reasons. A common cause is usually so that they don't appear vulnerable or get hurt by the other party. They still want to guard their feelings, but the harder they try, the harder they get drawn to each other.

Intensity of Emotions

This stage is probably the most challenging because the more they try to hide or control their feelings, the more intense it gets. In most cases, one person usually resists the most. 

If one or both parties oppose, the force only gets stronger and stronger. It continues until they both get overwhelmed and have no choice but to accept this feeling. Once they accept, they can now understand each other, help each other heal, and accept their feelings for each other. This way, everybody can get better. 


While it may not be what you want to hear, it is possible that the individuals involved in a twin flame soul contract are not destined to be together. Ultimately, separation is advised when they can no longer handle the intensity of their feelings. 

At this point, though difficult but necessary, there is a separation that helps both souls attain peace with themselves and make them able to heal. 


Being able to heal on their own helps them become more assertive and can address every other issue in their lives that the soul contracts might have caused. It allows them to surrender to it all, finally. 

At this stage, they let go of everything they've been holding on to in their lives, both related and unrelated, and they can comfortably work on finding self-love and loving others around them properly. It is a thorough emotional healing process that is long overdue.


When all these stages are followed accordingly, and there is no compromise, there is finally the stage of union. This is known as a healthy stage, where both parties are at peace with their decision and have been able to heal correctly. 

Here they feel safe. They feel love for themselves and everybody around them. They can function on their own and are now finally independent. 

Frequently asked questions about Twin Flame Soul Contracts (FAQ)

We've realized that some questions keep reoccurring, so we will take our time to answer them in this section. 

1. What other soul contracts are they?

There are three known soul contracts: karmic, soulmate, and twin flame. The soulmate contract is safe and beautiful, while the twin flame soul contract is typically a bond between two people with one soul. The karmic soul contract is the unhealthiest of them all. It drains you and is usually an abusive relationship.

2. How do I know when I have found my soulmate?

Finding your soulmate is a feeling that comes with warmth, joy, and a sense of safety. When you find your soulmate, you feel like somebody finally gets you. You always want to be around them and like how they make you feel. But most importantly, this feeling is not one-sided. It is always reciprocated.

3. Do soul contracts define my love life?

While soul contracts may involve you being romantically involved with the other person, it doesn't automatically mean they should last forever. The relationship might eventually end if you are lucky to meet them and spend time together. You can always find love again when you're sure you've properly healed.

4. How do you know your twin flame soul mate?

The same feelings characterize most twin flame connections. You feel a strong bond like you've met a standard mirror of yourself. Meeting them sometimes leads to a significant event in your life, and you constantly feel drawn to the person for no reason. 

5. How do you know who your twin flame is and what he/she looks like? 

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When it comes to soul contracts, you need adequate information on handling them, so you know what to do and when to do it. 

That is precisely what we have provided. Being able to look out for yourself, especially in situations beyond your control such as this, is very important. Rather than denying they exist, take your time to understand them. Embrace it, and don't let it control you.

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